Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Day in the Life of a Homeschool Mom

Trying to write a 'typical' day in my life, is like trying to ride a unicorn on a's impossible! I decided to try my best to be realistic. Just know that there are days when I accomplish more, and days when I accomplish absolutely nothing but keeping my children fed and somewhat happy (points for that, right?!). If you are finding such days in your own life, grab a coffee, read a good book, and remember that tomorrow is another day!

6:15am I wake up to the sound of my husband getting ready for work. I put Baby Girl in her crib (because no matter how good of intentions I have, she always is there by morning), and head like a zombie towards my coffee pot. While the haze starts to lift, I read my Bible, post a picture to Instagram, and do any blogging I need to do. 

7am By this time Little Man is awake and has asked at least 5 times if it's time for breakfast yet. I sigh at the empty coffee mug and slave in the kitchen to assemble his favorite breakfast: yogurt with a granola bar (okay, so maybe I'm joking over the slaving part-but not his favorite breakfast part! He literally just wants to eat this everyday!). I have started eating oatmeal in the morning, as a quick but warm fall breakfast!

8 am At this time, Little Man has eaten and gotten ready for the day, I've gotten ready for the day, and Baby Girl might be awake and wants to be fed. Even the dog has been taken care of for the morning. This means it's time for school!

9am We've covered Music, Bible, Read Aloud, Science/History, and sometimes Art. I used to include Phonics (you can look at this post for what my son's schedule looks like), but we've figured out that Phonics and Math are best done during Baby Girl's nap. 

10am Recess! We head outside where I make sure Baby Girl doesn't consume grass or leaves, and we watch Bubba play. We will sometimes go on nature walks, or just simply watch Little Man do tricks on his balance bike. 

11am Lunch This includes me making what I make Peanut Butter and Jelly, fruit, cheese stick and whole wheat goldfish crackers. This is where Little Man gets to watch a small cartoon while I eat leftovers from the night before (or something else). I normally put Baby Girl to bed and let Little Man lay down for about 20 minutes. 

12:30pm By this time Little Man is laying down for half an hour, Baby girl is napping, and I'm sipping my afternoon cup of Joe. This is where I get 20 minutes of 'me time'. This can be Youtube videos, a good book, or art. Right this second I'm in this time slot, and typing an extra blog post!

1pm Little Man is normally up and around, and this is where we will complete any school that didn't get done in the morning time. I also do housework during this hour. I do some in the morning, but it's more like 'what can I squeeze in here' than actual checking boxes off a list. (you can find a wonderful checklist here by Clutter Bug!)

2pm On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays It's time for me to teach piano. Most days I will only have a small break between each lesson before doing another one. On Thursdays it's homeschool group activities day. Wednesday is my 'off' day where I only have one piano lesson in the evening before church. 

4pm Piano is normally over, and my husband is headed home from work. It's time for me to make supper! We eat supper early, because of my husband coming early, and I feel like it's better for us to do so. 

5pm Ideally supper is being cleaned up (I am working on being more consistent in making sure I clean up things right after supper) and Little Man has asked my husband for the 20th time if he can play/build/play video games. At least my husband is now getting all the questions and not me! ha!
6pm This is the time we are visiting as a family. In a perfect evening this would be discussions about our day, maybe a board game, or a delicious dessert. What it normally ends up being is a chaotic tornado of toys swirling around the living room, and at its chaotic center, my two children-and also my husband. 

7pm A nightly, week day tradition is  watching Andy Griffith. Since we've watched most of these by now, I am also getting things prepared for the next day, maybe folding clothes, or playing with the kids. 

8pm Bedtime for the kids! That beautiful time of the day when the house is quiet. My husband and I go to sleep around 9:30, so we get a little time to catch up on a tv show, or sometimes I'll read. 

2am Baby girl cries
4am Baby girl decides sleeping through the night is a thing of the past, and this is probably the point she ends up in my bed. You wanted this to be realistic, right?!

As I said before, no day is typical, but this is as close as I can get! What kind of day are you having? Productive, or 'At least the kids are alive' kind of a day?

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